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Moriah Elizabeth Age, Bio, Boyfriend, Profile| Contact Details (Phone number, Email, Instagram, Twitter)- Moriah Elizabeth is an American YouTube Star who is famous for uploading crafts, drawing videos. In 2015, she has published the art journal Create This Book which was inspired by her various Wreck This Journal videos. Her younger brother, Sam, has appeared in videos on her channel. She is also active on Instagram. Here, we have provided all ways to contact her. So, her fans can interact with her and also share their views with her.



  • Name: Moriah Elizabeth
  • Date of Birth:  14, 1994
  • Age: 25 Years
  • Place of Birth: United States
  • Birth Sign: Scorpio
  • Occupation: YouTube Star
  • Nationality: American



She has an account on INSTAGRAM in which she Posts her Videos as well as Pictures on INSTAGRAM. If you want to follow her then you can use the above link.


She has a channel on YouTube in which she posts her videos. If anyone wants to see her videos then they can visit this link.

WEBSITE: @moriah-elizabeth


We couldn’t find her Phone number.

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  1. Dear Moriah,
    I love your videos SO much that I started a squishy makeover on my own, but there’s a problem going on there are rips and tears, paint coming off, (just like Pickle the dinosaur) but, you will give my donut squishy a chance. When it is done, give it back to me, read my address, and also put it in the whatever, still don’t know what to call that, okay enough of that. Squishy makeover #10 was my most favorite because it’s so funny like the breathing hamster part and everything, do you still want the dolphin squishy you cut off? If you don’t want it anymore, just also send it to me along with the donut. Before you send me it, repaint the dolphin, fix it, and use your imagination. (same with the donut) Bad news is I might be sending is only one squishy, but try to solve the problem okay?
    Thank you,
    (I’m a boy)
    P.S. Please give me something you wanna say back and please give me your address.

    1. Moriah doesn’t actually send the squishes back after she’s repaired them, so be aware that if you send her something, you won’t be getting it back. Also, this isn’t an actual page of hers, so she won’t see it either. You’ll have to comment on something of hers that’s official, like her YouTube, rather than a site that has no direct connection to her.

    2. Hello, I’m 8 and I love her channel but I don’t have a email so how do I know where to send fan mail please tell me thank you

    3. Well Jedd thank you for liking my channel!
      I don’t think I could send the squishy back but I can paint it and put it on camera if that’s ok.

  2. Dear moriah me and my friend LOVE your videos so much you are our favorite YouTuber we want to send you squishys but we don’t know your address 😿😿😿😿

  3. Hey Moriah Elizabeth , I have been wondering what your po box number is. And you are so funny and I would like to see you do food vs squishy video and with your rainbow ice cream squishy.

  4. Hey Moriah how are you I am having difficultys finding your po box number so can you Pretty PLS tell it to me!! And can u pls do a food vs squishy vid with with you rainbow icecream squishy. PLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSs.

  5. I am a really big can and it would mean the world to me if you said this on one of your videos!!!!

    P.S you are an amazing person

  6. Hey Moriah my name is carley i swear I’m your biggest fan lol i love all you do your sweet sarcastic and so funny you inspire me and so many other people I’m not allowed to sign up for youtube but I would total would comment like and subscribe to your channel i loved the art room tour plllleeeeaaassseeeeee do more squishy makeovers

  7. Uhm, I asked for her adress! Where is it tho?

    1. Moriah you inspire me so much I don’t know your address so I can send you stuff I wish I was you because I’ve been going through a very rough time for 3 and a half years with my family anyways before I get carried away I just wanted to tell you that you are a beautiful person opie is so cute I love how you always edit it so there are words around him like he is talking. You are so funny and I love how you always are trying new things and I just love you not in a weird way. Lol but um I just really really want to FaceTime you or call you if you see this I love your vids and opie I have 3 cats Lightning Delta and Twinkle they are all males and I have 1 dog 2 birds 1 rabbit 1 hamster. From Mersadies (I prefer Sadie though)🙂

  8. Omg . moriah plz give me your p.o.adress i love your vids I like how your always funny☺☺☺☺☺🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩 and tell your husband and opie I said hi and I’ll probably get opie a 😺toy.Bye!!!!oh and plz subscribe to my channel unicorn squad zoe

  9. Dear Moriah, me and my friend are such a big fan of you. We enjoy watching your YouTube videos because you always end up making us laugh. Thank you for that. We are planning on sending you a package but are still working on it. Anyways I really want to be able to get your merch but I don’t have the money to. My parents won’t buy me it either please help me with that so I will be able to be happier. Also do you have any advice on how to stop people or friends from being mean to you. I am struggling with that and one of my closest friends is slowly but surely slipping away and I don’t want that please give me advice.😊

  10. Hey Moriah I watch your vids and would love you to
    Make more vids all you vids are awesome I watch them all

  11. I don’t know if you’re seeing this but I wanted to let you know I think I’ve a really good idea for a video you posted a video of toddlers and tiaras parody 8 years ago I think you should react to it it’s absolutely hilariously bad lots of love your biggest fan

  12. Hey Moriah, My name is Christen and I have watched almost all of your videos, you are amazing, and I want to learn how to paint, and draw just like you… I am pretty good at drawing, and I am only 13, but you are amazing. You are funny, you don’t care who judges you, you draw like the best artist in the world, and I wish someday I could draw just like you.

    Your biggest fan with the initials C.A.P

  13. Dear Moriah Elizabeth
    Everyday at 4:00, I go on your channel and watch your newest video. I love how you put thase llittle memes and clips in your videos when you edit. Also i love how you did clips of opie.
    This is a personal question to you is your camera man jordan your boyfriend?

  14. guys remember moriah doesnt see these messages so if you want her to see them either email them to her dm her on ig or comment on her youtube channel

  15. Hi moriah sorry I can’t send mail the reason is that all the emails I tried didn’t work and I’m on a pad and every time I send u a text it always says “not delivered “ so if u could pls get back to me that would be amazing! P.s I love your vids and u too!

    1. Moriah love your videos and watch you every single second and also wants you to come to Ashland Nebraska to see me because I want to see you up close. I may have a few problems but I love Pickle and he is the true star of your channel and also I have a long hair cat too named Bella. Come see me please!!!!!!!!!

  16. hey Moriah! just wanted to let u know that there are these really high-quality markers for cheap under the brand ohuhu… if u want more info on art supplies (I’m an artist!) plz contact my email at! I love your vids NBD but I’m ur biggest fan oml it would mean the world to me if u contact me (btw I’m 10)

  17. Hello Moriah Elizabeth I am your biggest fan ever! Please with sprinkles on top give me a shot out in a vid. You mean the work to me. Your friend Rainbow fan.

  18. moriah i have somthing iv beendoing for three weeks and i would like to send it to u but i need ur address pls^﹏^

  19. Well you could always do it here!
    I check these every once in a while so if you ever want to send a note or or a box of squishes or anything my address is VA Haymarket 5554 lone eagle court

  20. Hi I an 10 yes old and love art I watch your vidios 3 a day sometimes even 5 a day so do you have any tips?

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