Toys AndMe Tiana Profile| Contact Details (Phone number, Email, Instagram, Twitter)

Toys AndMe Tiana Age, Bio Profile| Contact Details (Phone number, Email, Instagram, Twitter) – TOYS ANDME TIANA is an English YouTube Star as well a Social Media Phenomenon who is widely known for her toy-based YouTube channel. She has posted unboxing and review videos on her YouTube Channel. In April 2015, she created her YouTube Channel and started uploading her own videos. Moreover, her birth name is Tiana Wilson. She runs her youtube channel with her dad. She grew up with her older brother named Jordon and also featured him many times on her channel. 



  • Name: Tiana Wilson
  • Famous Name: Toys AndMe Tiana
  • Date of Birth: 24 December 2007
  • Age: 10 Years
  • Place of Birth: Nottingham, England
  • Birth Sign: Capricorn
  • Occupation: YouTube Star
  • Nationality: English



INSTAGRAM: @toys_andme

She has an account on INSTAGRAM in which she Posts her Videos or Pictures on INSTAGRAM. If you want to follow her then click on the above link.

TWITTER: @toysandme184

She has joined Twitter in May 2009. She Posts her pictures and videos of her on a profile. If you want to follow her then you can use the above link.


She has an official page on FACEBOOK in which she posts her videos and pictures on this page. If anyone wants to like this page then they can visit this link.

YOUTUBE: @Channel

She has a channel on YouTube in which she posts her videos. If anyone wants to see her videos then they can visit this link.


PO Box 10496


NG13 8QW


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  1. Tiana Wilson can you come to London sw12 obg because I’m your God sister and I’ve been trying to find you and I’m
    your number one fan

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  2. Hi tiana I’m you’re biggest fan can I bbe in your ttsquad can I come over your house meet me at codove skating center so I can meet you my number is 9017363327

  3. Dear Tiana, My name is Ariann. I’m your first fan. I would love to come to the UK/United Kingdom but I have to go to summer school. Last night I had a dream that me you and mum pranked dad with slime cause he cut open your squishy.I had a fun time in my dream I thought it was real! Your dear friend Ariann. It’s like we are TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My mom changed my name to TIANA!

  4. Hi
    My name is Tiana-Roche, but everyone calls me Roche. I have Downs Syndrome so my Mum is typing this for me.
    I would like to know when you will be coming to London, as I would very much like to meet with you.
    This is my phone no.07415855145. I know you are very busy making those entertaining video for You tube, which I find very enjoyable and funny to watch, but could you spear a little bit of your time and ring me one day,?

  5. tiana your the best youtuber.I have nearly watched all your videos they never stop making me laugh

  6. I have commented once before I was crying when I wrote this pls pls put this coment in your video.ive aways wanted to see you in real life . your just awesome if you can put this in your video I would scream in happiness I would love if you did it soon

  7. Hi Tiana..i really love your video’s and they never make me stop laughing I love you and I really want to meet you
    My name is Princess and I am 10 I really love….😍😍😘❤

  8. Hi Tiana, my 6 year old daughter Angie loves you so much. She watches you eveyday on YouTube and wants to see you. She likes your toys too and wants me to buy them for her. We live in Chicago and would love to see you any day you visit

  9. Helo Tiana my name is kiwanuka derrick from Africa Uganda . first and foremost i would like to thank your DAAAAAAAAAD SOOOOO Much because i know he is the reason as to why you are what you are now . In Africa its had a parent to treat a child like they treat you or like they do in Europe .in Africa they think when you let a child have that fun ,learn things at a young age , challenge the mature people,they think he or she has spoilt ,will never sturdy .in other words they want young ones to sturdy before making or learning such things ,and yet we sturdy to be well ,have money ,leave a happily life but they dont know that ,(PARENTS OF AFRICA)
    I want to be like your dad am 23 years old in my third year at the university completing.
    TIANA in Africa young and mature people take you like your not normal because the things that you do people die in Africa with out learning them even aqua tor of them. they love you and when you come to Uganda they can think may beJESUS ISBACK
    I CALL UPON YOU TO BE MY FRIEND ,I HAVE MY COMPANY and i work with the officials in the government of Uganda, like the prime minister of Uganda ,ministers of Uganda and even they take me to the president some times and we talk business
    so your talking with the right person with enough security ,we call upon you when you are free you come and visit Uganda we can arrange with the government officials and you MEET the president of Uganda YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI
    It can be a big pleasure for Ugandans because they love you so much but they know your too big to visit them but they love you so much
    Uganda is a peaceful country full of good nature rivers ,lakes ,world life game parks , we have water falls we have mountains that you can come and tour alllll many tourist attraction in Uganda Africa
    we love your family we subscribe your videos and we pray that one day you will visit Uganda and we are ready to organize for your tour in Uganda am telling you the whole country will be crazy
    my no. is 256757091433

  10. Hello Tiana my name is Rosie Keal and I have been watching all your family on your toys and me # ttsquad on YouTube and I am also following both your channels on Instagram and I really would like to meet up with you in person if your family mum and dad let you come down to London for a meet and greet and I my partner who also watches your YouTube video’s and I really love the pranks that you pull on your family and I think you should prank your brother Jordan next with slime and I think you should also do a 24 hour sleep over challenge in your parent’s bedroom as you let them into your bedroom for a 24 hour sleep over challenge kind regards Rosie Keal

  11. Hello Tiana I am your biggest fan and could you please ask your parents permission to come down to London so I could meet you in person at the London Aquarium by the river Thames and Tiana you and your family are the only YouTube video’s I mostly watch at the moment and my phone number is 07425105693

  12. Hey can i please have ur phone number or can u friend me on roblox my name is Popstar112233454 Please friend me or give ur number so we can chat!

  13. Hi Tiana. I’m your biggest fan
    I like u
    The video I liked the most is pranking your dad putting your dad old laptop in your swimming pool

  14. Hi tiana I am one of your very biggest fan I want you to come in Trinidad in a place name Biche.

  15. Hi Tiana, my name is Grace, and I love you soooooooooooooooo much! I love your channels/ videos and I really enjoy watching your videos with Isla, Taylor, Alfie and especially your family. Your mum and dad are so funny and Charlie is soooooooooooooooo cuuuute! Your house looks amazing! And you and your family are so sweet, kind and funny. I watch your videos almost everyday and love them all( especially the 24 hour challenges.) Luckily, I live in the UK too, so one day I hope you come to Blackpool and we can be friends if you like. I am only one year younger than you, and look exactly like you!!! Please come if you are able to and have your parents permition to. Also, please can I be in one of your videos, I am starting a new channel on YouTube soon, so please stay tuned for that. That’s all from me, love you tiana and have a good day!

    Lots of love from Grace, (your number one fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  16. Hi Tiana
    My name is Adizza and I love your youtube videos I just wanted to ask if you still do giveaways because I really want
    a hoverboard I am 11 years old and I have subscribed to all your channels liked all you videos and i hit the notification
    bell on.I live in Canada so if i win Can you ship it here Love you!!!😘😘😘😍😍🤩🤩

  17. Tiana u should go to Africa, Zambia so I can meet u and you can be in my YouTube channel. Right now I’m in America but when I go back I will have a YouTube channel all because of u and thxs to u.

  18. Hi Tiana i’m your’e biggest fan and i really want to visit you if i can’t please come to me instead my address is England,Dartford Chappel drive DA26ff. I tried your’e 100 % test online and I was exactly 100% the same as you.Please come to my house I hope we can be friends! bye Tiana!

  19. Hi Tiana I am your biggest fan and I would love your number and u should come visit the USA so I can come and meet I would really love your number plz I whatcha u on YouTube and I would love to come and see u

  20. Hi tiana
    my name is Sarah carter.
    What how are you.
    How your mum and dad and brother and girlfrinds. Keep doing do today and again send you another update good girl post you you have gife you present your brother phone please ask police car but hope your brother asks bow now your brothers girlfriends but just put little still love your brother and eat dinner together please need you yesterday my mammy and I’m go to shopping before and I’m go to Iam see hearth hearts by Tiana well done Tiana hard work I’m home next how your puppy morning you did feed dad eat dogfood please your YouTube video please I’m say thank you all Tiana and his family.

  21. Hi tiana Wilson my name is iyanna McKinney and I love your videos. I would love to be friends.Can I please have your phone number. I would love to ring you. Hope we can be friends. Your very beautiful

  22. Hi Everyone, Tiana here!I just want to let you all know that i appreciate you all taking the time to watch my videos!Also if you want to enter future giveaways make sure to like the channels (Tiana, Tiana Wilson) subscribe, hit the notification bell and comment on my instagram or Tik Tok account once you have done it all.Stay safe during this pandemic, and i will see you all soon.Bye XX

  23. Hi,
    And My Name Is Amanda Packer From Roswell Georgia & I’m An Huge Fan Of yours And I Just Liked your Funny Pranks Videos& The Wilson’s Funny Vacations Videos

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